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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Philippine Nursing is in bloom. Its wider, its bigger and its better than ever! Mga kababayan, its time to unite and help each other. This is why this blog was created.

Have you reached the "ultimate dream" of nurses to work and live abroad?
You can always lend a hand to those who are still in the homeland waiting for their chance to be in your shoes. Share your experiences, advises for your fellow men. A helping hand is always welcome!

Are you an RN?
Find out the latest updates on retrogression, job opportunities, NCLEX, IELTS, CGFNS, current nursing events and everything pertaining to the practice of nursing in the Philippines.

Are you a reviewee?
This is the blog for you! Learn how to choose the best review center, review tips and resources. There's always something that would come in handy for you.

Are you still a nursing student?
You are always welcome here. Ask questions from the other students, RN's and Clinical Instructors who are more than willing to help students. This blog would also post resources, techniques and e-books that would aid you in your efforts.

Still not sure about what course to take?
Well, this blog would give you a glimpse of what nursing really is all about. Nursing is not just your average men and women in white who gives you medications when your sick, theres alot deeper meaning in becoming one.

This is a blog that is geared towards providing a common place where Filipino RNs both living here and abroad interact with each other and share experiences and advices. There is always something for everyone.

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