NCLEX-RN Practice Test Set 2

Saturday, September 8, 2007

1. After an operation, which organism is most likely to cause septicemia?
A: E. Coli
B: H. Pylori
C: Streptococcus
D: Staphylococcus

2. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of vitamin C deficiency?
A: brittle bones
B: headache
C: loose teeth
D: tiny peripheral hemorrhages

3. Which of the following is NOT a typical side effect of epinephrine?
A: tremors
B: fatigue
C: nervousness
D: elevated heart rate

4. Which foods should be avoided for 24 hours before an EEG?
A: whole grains
B: vegetables
C: stimulants
D: dairy products

5. Why do doctors recommend bed rest for patients with pneumonia?
A: it produces an instantaneous cure
B: it reduces the need for oxygen
C: it keeps the patient warm
D: it gives the patient peace of mind

6. What is the single best way to inhibit the spread of microorganisms?
A: washing your hands
B: destroying old clothes
C: sanitizing all equipment
D: reusing latex gloves

7. What is the leading cause of death after a myocardial infarction?
A: toxic shock
B: lung collapse
C: arrhythmia
D: embolism

8. What is the primary risk factor for COPD?
A: lack of exercise
B: family history
C: cigarette smoking
D: fatty diet

9. What is the approximate ratio of attempted suicides to successful suicide attempts?
A: 2 to 1
B: 10 to 1
C: 4 to 1
D: 20 to 1

10. What is the best approach to an anti-social personality?
A: ignoring the patient
B: allowing the patient to do whatever he or she likes
C: forbidding the patient from doing anything that he or she likes
D: setting limits on behaviors

Answer Key

1. A. E. Coli can be a major danger after an operation.

2. B. Brittle bones, tooth and gum problems, and small hemorrhages are all characteristic of vitamin C deficiency.

3. B. Epinephrine has a stimulating effect on the body.

4. C. The ingestion of stimulants can effect performance on an EEG.

5. B. Bed rest gives the system time to recover and reduces the need for oxygen

6. A. Hand should be washed before and after any contact with patients.

7. C. Doctors must be on guard for arrhythmia in the period after myocardial infarction.

8. C. Cigarette smoking is the greatest known cause of COPD.

9. B. The great majority of suicide attempts are unsuccessful.

10. D. Individuals with anti-social personality disorder need firm boundaries on their behavior.

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