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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Colostomy Care, Colostomy Diet and Ostomy Supplies

Having a Colostomy is one daunting plight for patients. In practicing my profession, I encountered almost zero patients who wore a smile on their face when they heard they will be going to face a life with a colostomy bag hanging on their abdomens.

A good website would be very useful in guiding you in various topics to manage your colostomy.

Colostomy Care
It is caring for a stoma. It includes how to clean the ostomy wound, how to disinfect it if you really need it to be cleaned among all other things.

Colostomy Diet
Colostomy diet is very important as your ostomy output will pretty much be affected by what you eat. Thus, a diet guide would come in handy for any ileostomy patient.

Ostomy Supplies
With this much brands, variations and lots of shinanigans out there, choosing the right Ostomy supplies is a daunting task. This website will definitely guide you through everything you need to know about ostomy supplies.

If you need anything about Colostomy, Colostomy Central is there to help you out.

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You have been added to the Nurses' Academy blog roll. Wow. Great site!