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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nursing Negligence

This is one of the most utterly complex problem that nurses today are faced with. Just last week, a friend of mine working as a home care nurse in michigan gave me call that his colleague has just faced a lawsuit involving him being sued for nursing negligence because he forgot to remove a hot compress to a hemiplegic patient.

This is the kind of scenario that every nurse dreads of having each shift. It doesnt matter if youre a supervisor or anywhere in the first class nurses or just starting out. Being informed of your rights, responsibilities, and duties will equip you of becoming a well informed nurse.

A blog of mine has been recently launched and it is all about this topic. Its all about Nursing Negligence with the ultimate goal of empowering nurses who are planning to work in US, UK, or Canada or those who are already working in these countries.

As the saying goes, no man is ever an island. Here in my blog, I want to make sure you still feel at home every shift.

Wish me luck on this one!


Christine S. Baker said...

Yes i also heard about it but i think this can be handle easily, all you need is to pay attention while on duty.
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Rachel Burr said...

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